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Posted on 06-08-2016

Digital HD Vision Eyeglasses – Your Vision In High Definition

Remember what it was like the first time you watched something on an HD TV?

It just seemed like everything looked so much clearer, so much more crisp and lively.

The saying goes that you don’t know what you don’t know, and life before that HD TV was okay – not great, but just okay, right?

That TV you had was fine, you were able to watch your favorite shows and you had gotten used to it, BUT when you were finally able to see things in High Definition, it was like the floodgates had burst open.

All of a sudden you were left wondering WHERE this technology had been all of this time.

Sadly, this is what it’s like with normal glasses.

Sure it may have corrected your vision so you can see things, but there just may be some slight imperfections that you have grown used to.

Things may not look as crisp and clear, but that’s okay because you have gotten used to it, right?

It doesn’t have to be that way because there are Digital HD Eyeglasses.

Bet you didn’t even know they existed. 

Well, they do and just like HD TV you will find yourself wondering where they have been all of your life.

Here are probably some questions that you may be asking yourself.  Things like…

What Are Digital HD Vision Eyeglasses?

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HD Eyeglasses basically take normal glasses to a higher level.

While the glasses you already own probably greatly corrected your vision, you may find that they are just not as clear as you’d like them to be.

For instance, if you look at oncoming traffic or at a street light, you may notice that there is a bit of an aberration that your current lenses are causing.

This aberration could potentially give the light an unfocused beam bringing with it an unwanted glow around it.

It’s important to note that the aberration may be caused by the lenses of your glasses or your actual eyes, in which case you may really want to look into HD Eyeglasses because no matter what glasses you get, the problem could continue.

Why Would I Want Digital HD Vision Eyeglasses?

When you think of this question, think of it this way – Given the choice between an old standard TV and a flat screen HD TV, which one would you choose?

The answer here is pretty simple.

Now, seeing more clearly is the ultimate goal.  However, you may want to really consider HD Eyeglasses if you drive a lot at night or participate in activities at night that call for your vision to be as clear as possible.

At this point it’s really more of a safety concern than anything else. 

Are Digital HD Vision Eyeglasses Right For Me?

Again, this is really up to you.  If your eyes are causing the aberration, then you may want to honestly think about getting them, as your glasses will only be able to do so much.

Think about your vision and when you need it to be as clear as possible. 

Do you work at night?

Do you drive a lot at night?

Do you work in a field that calls into play not only your vision, but also the clarity of your vision?

While many who wear glasses would be ideal for HD Eyeglasses, those with stronger prescriptions may find the most benefit from HD Eyeglasses.

It stands to reason that anyone with any type of visual concerns would want to get HD Eyeglasses, but that isn’t always the case. 

One of the things that may cause you to pause when you are making this decision is the costs involved when it comes to HD Eyeglasses.

Which leads nicely into the next question…

How Much Do They Cost?

There’s a lot involved in the creation of HD Eyeglasses.  For example, more time is spent in the design and cutting of the lenses.  There is also added time in fitting of the equipment involved.

Due to this extra time, you can expect to pay up to a third more than you would normally pay for your eyeglasses.

However, the added visual benefit (especially if you need a strong prescription) may help to make the costs easier to swallow. 

What’s The Difference Between HD and Regular Glasses?

As previously mentioned, there is a big difference between your standard eyeglasses and Digital HD Vision Eyeglasses. 

With Digital HD Vision Eyeglasses, what you will find is a more precision design. 

While there are different types of Digital HD Vision Eyeglasses, perhaps the most common and popular are the free form lenses.

These lenses take your current prescription lenses into account, then from that information crafts an optimized set of lenses utilizing surfacing equipment that is controlled by a computer.

This level of control in the fabrication process causes the free form HD lenses to be created in such a way that it not only gives you the BEST vision as you peer through your lenses, but also takes into account the position of your lenses.

The position of your lenses in the frames are also designed in such a way that you are able to see your absolute best through the lenses, AND at the best angle for your vision to be optimized.

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Closing Thoughts

Do you want to see better?

Of course you do. 

As you can already see, Digital HD Vision Eyeglasses is really for anyone with glasses that just wants to see as clearly as possible.

You really ought to consider getting yourself a pair if…

  • You do a lot of driving at night
  • Your prescription is on the stronger side
  • You just want to see more clearly

If you find aberrations in your vision, then you may want to consider getting to your local eye doctor to get yourself a pair of Digital HD Vision Eyeglasses.

If you are in the Pensacola area, we’d be happy to help you get your pair of Digital HD Vision Eyeglasses.

Give us a call at 50 Dollar Eye Guy at 850-434-5388 today.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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